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The Movement Lifestyle Team deliver 90 day mind/body transformations for more energy, a better body and fewer aches and pains.
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Welcome to Movement Lifestyle. We’re are a holistic health and fitness practice whodeliver 100 day mind/body transformational programmes for men and women aged 40+.

Our clients want to get fit but have on going aches and pains that are holding them back.They also have busy schedules and are often feeling run down and lacking vigour when they meet us.

Our multidisciplinary 5R Methodology means clients working with us on our flagship, 5R Vitality Programme, are re-energised, with a better body shape and have fewer aches and pains.


Our multidisciplinary approach to your health and wellbeing lends to us having a blend of different practitioners to help along your journey. Learn more about each below:


Adam Cox – Head Coach and Owner of Movement Lifestyle

Adam’s background is elite level swimming, with his best event being 100 meters butterfly. After suffering with a debilitating stomach complaint that all but stopped him training he sought a multidisciplinary approach to get to the root of what the problem was.

He did his training with the Chek Institute – World leaders in corrective exercise and holistic health and has worked privately with clients for 11 years. He also now serves as a mentor to the academy students currently under going training with the Chek Institute.

In 2016 Adam published his first book “Back to Brilliant” which became an Amazon Top 5 Ranked Book.


Jameel Shah – Sports Therapist and Corrective Exercise Coach.

In 2016 Jameel graduated the University of East London with a 1st class honours degree in sports therapy.
Jimmy also has experience working with Championship Football side Derby County in the their rehabilitation department and currently works with West Ham Utd academy players during their rehabilitation sessions.

Jimmy was selected by the Society of Sports Therapists to be the only person in the UK to achieve a travelling scholarship in 2016. During the scholarship he got to go and work with University of Windsor and Toronto, Canada, on the Athletic Therapy Programme.



Jonathan Daniells – Osteopath

Jonathan has been an invaluable resource for Movement Lifestyle and as such has enabled us to improve our client results. Our services that compliment one another perfectly.
Jonathan has twenty years of clinical experience and divides his time between two busy clinics in Sevenoaks, Kent and Marylebone, London.


Graeme Jones – Health Physiologist

Graeme is a health physiologist with 10 years of experience within the medical and health and fitness industries.
He currently consults from two private health clinics in London and one in Stockholm.


Owner and Head Coach Adam Cox has written an Amazon top 5 ranked book, Back to Brilliant. Its the exact 5 step methodology that we use in our flagship 5R Vitality
Programme to help us, help you:

  • Overcome self sabotage
  • Harness powerful relationships with food
  • Develop athletic posture
  • Build robust and sustainable levels of fitness

back to brilliant workshop

The one day Back to Brilliant Workshop is designed to unpack the vital information from our 5R Methodology and show you how to utilise it, so you know how to re-energise, reshape and re-build yourself, ultimately so you feel brilliant!

More Energy
Better Body
Fewer Aches & Pains

Your Challenge

When we first meet clients we learn that they want to get fit and healthy again but being 40 and over means that what they were once doing in their 20’s and 30’s just ins’t working for them anymore. They are usually busy people with work or family demands, so energy for exercise is at a premium. Not only are they feeling worn out but their body’s are letting them know of deeper imbalances, with aches and pains becoming increasingly difficult to shake off and the body shape is not what it once was. On top of all that there appears, like most people who engage in a health and fitness programme, these people have a rather stop-start approach to it.

The Answer

Using the 5R methodology to better understand what your body is communicating to you at all times allows you:

  • See the story underneath the story of your goal, to avoid unnecessary self sabotage
  • Develop an empowering relationship with food giving you great energy and vibrancy
  • Re-align poor posture and build it from the ground up for lasting results
  • Rebuild robust health and fitness that works for busy business owners and professionals
  • Understand when your body needs to rest and what that might look like and when it begging for some activity and what might be best for you on that day.

The Day

On the day you’ll get to learn about the 5 step methodology from some of the Health and Wellbeing industry’s top talent:

Step 1 - Adam Cox, Owner of Movement Lifestyle

Adam will share key insights into why 95% of people setting health and fitness goals self sabotage their own best efforts and how to approach goals differently with our unique SUCCESS Goals method.

Step 2 - Graeme Jones, Health Physiologist

Graeme will share insights on blood testing how it can revolutionise your approach to what you eat and why you truly are unique in your nutritional needs.

Step 3 - Jonathan Daniells, Osteopath

Jonathan is our go to man when it comes to posture and restoring optimal alignment. He’ll be sharing more about why the health of the neck and jaw can have profound affects on the rest of the spine and limbs and how to maintain a healthy skeletal system.

Step 4 - Jameel Shah, Corrective Exercise Coach

Rebuilding a robust physique is the goal of most if not all our clients so Jameel shows just how important it is to build from the ground up and make sure you can walk before attempting to run, by following the exercise progression formula Movement Lifestyle advocates.

Step 5 - Adam Cox, Owner of Movement Lifestyle

Finally towards the end the of the day Adam will talk about managing energy and how to use the Body Bank Calculator to help tune into what your body is telling you it needs on any given day, therefore maximising your energy each and every time you exercise.

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Our flagship coaching programme, the 5R Vitality Programme – Mind and Body, is wherewe work with a handful of exceptional clients in a 100 day experience. Using our 5R Methodology we help you to help yourself, leaving you feeling re-energised, looking betterand with freedom from aches and pains that had been niggling away for some time.


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