11 Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness Daily

“I don’t have time” and “I’m not sure where to start” are possibly the most common things I hear when talking to people about integrating mindfulness into their daily life.

I understand that change is difficult, uncomfortable even, but these reasons are not enough, in my opinion, to not push through and give it a go.

So below are 11 ways you can begin to integrate mindfulness into your daily life without any extra time.

  1. Each time you walk up stairs count your in/out breath as you take each step
  2. While brushing your teeth breathe in and out for each tooth brushed
  3. Each time you take a sip of a drink take a mindful breath in and out beforehand
  4. Before answering the phone take a mindful breath in and out
  5. Before typing each email you send take a mindful breath in and out
  6. When walking from home to your tube station/bus stop/car, do so with mindful walking, counting each step as you breathe in and each step as you breathe out (for example 4 steps for an in breath and 4 steps for an out breath)
  7. When you’re eating switch everything else off and focus solely on your meal, chew 40 times per mouthful of food
  8. Each time you’re about to stand from sitting take a deep, mindful breath in and out
  9. When on a train journey/bus journey take the time to practice mindful breathing or even do a body scan
  10. When washing dishes become hyperaware of each dish you wash and take your time to “wash it well”
  11. When showering become aware of the water droplets hitting your skin and stay with that feeling

Try and pick one of the above and build that into a daily habit and see how you get on.

I’ll be keen to hear, so keep me posted.