Here are some interesting facts that we should consider when we are looking at our health holistically, especially when it comes to increasing energy, regaining sustainable levels of fitness and getting rid of aches and pains:

  • Imbalanced gut flora (athletes foot, dandruff, bad breath, white tongue, loose stools, constipation, bloating…) increases the levels of whole body inflammation – So looking at lower back, neck and shoulder pain by considering your gut is an important consideration.
  • Fat cells produce pro-inflammatory cells which lead to being hyper sensitive to pain conditions – Low energy and aches and pains should be looked at by considering reducing your body fat percentage.
  • Guilt has been shown to increase sensitivity to pain and worse recovery in the longer term – Looking at our emotional state and doing work here as well as working on the pain is a wise choice.
  • Poor and weakened immune system? You might be depressed as studies show that laughter is linked to improved immune system activity – You might not need any medication but instead, need to look at other avenues of your life such as your job or relationships.

The above are just some examples of why Movement Lifestyle is set up the way it is. We believe that, irrespective of your goal, each individual should have a thorough, movement, emotional/mental and nutritional assessment to make sure we know what the bigger picture is for you.

That is also why we use the following five tools from our book to coach each client once we have planned a way forward:


There’s always a story beneath your story.

The reason you set goals, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing is only ever a cover story for what is a much deeper story going on inside.

For example – “I want to lose weight” on the face of it seems quite straightforward but when digging into that statement for a minute or two we can often see that it means something much deeper to the individual.

It might actually mean, “I’d like to feel more confident about my body and the way I look”. This emotional state is projected onto weight loss and if we only address it literally, at face value, we might sabotage the goal from the get go.


As I mentioned above, your gut flora plays a much bigger role than simply keeping your gut healthy. It keeps your whole body healthy.

By rebalancing and looking at food, sleep, hydration and breathing we reduce inflammation throughout the entire body and promote optimal tissue health, ideal for ramping our exercise regime!


Poor posture can be a significant contributing factor to pain and having to stop exercising if we injure our tissues. When we know what alterations you need to make to take account of your posture however, you can improve it and still work towards your goals.

Knowing what type of posture you have and which exercises balance that is essential.

We also need to rebuild optimal core function here to make sure that your lower back can take the strain further down the line or to rehabilitate an already sore back.


By the time you get to rebuild your body is ready to ramp up your fitness regime and can cope with the increased demand that places on your body.

We still need to be smart about how this is done though, making sure that exercise balances the body and that each one complements all others. We need to include movements such as:

Pushing, pulling, twisting, squating, lunging and bending in a structured way.


Exercise is a stress and adds extra demand on your body.

When you get to the stage when you are balanced and feeling fit, healthy and happy you need a plan to maintain that.

Recovery is about managing inflammation, promoting exercise recovery and learning how quickly your body repairs itself ready for more exercise.

Our Live Workshop

To begin to balance your body using these five powerful tools we’re running a two hour workshop in just over two weeks, called Back to Brilliant -Live

What’s Being Covered?

  • The important link between nutrition and organ health – how getting it wrong will lead to fatigue and pain
  • How to optimise your breathing – plus how this relates to optimal posture and muscles balance
  • How to stabilise the spine for improved mechanics and pain relief
  • What the core really is and how to get it functioning optimally
  • How to minimise stress on your nervous system by implementing simple mindfulness techniques
Event Details
  • When – Wednesday 14th November
  • Time – 18.30 – 20.30
  • Where – Mercure Hotel, Bloomsbury, London
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