Over the last few days I’ve been re-listening to an excellent audiobook that I first read a few months ago, Dr Mercola’s – Fat For Fuel.

It’s absolutely fantastic, and in my opinion, at the forefront of some ground breaking understanding of metabolic health from the standpoint of ageing, cancer, heart disease and neurogenic diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Because of the importance of the above areas I thought I’d share my notes to help you take the key concepts away quickly.

Key Concepts

1 – Utilising fat for fuel instead of glucose (carbohydrates) helps to reverse or improve disease states such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and slows the rate of ageing at a cellular level.

2 – Mitochandria, micro organs that sit inside cells, are vital to optimal health. They produce a constant supply of energy by metabolising food and oxygen into a form of energy called ATP and produce about 50kg of ATP per day! This ATP drives every biological process in your body.

3 – Maximising mitochondrial function and it’s repair, is an exciting and simple new way to look at reversing disease states and optimising health.

4 – In the process of producing energy (ATP), electrons can leak and create highly reactive atoms ultimately producing free radicals, which are highly reactive themselves. Free radicals are necessary for some chemical reactions so getting rid of them is not the answer but balancing seems most sensible. To do that we need to create less of them in the first place.

5 – Eating a diet primarily of carbohydrates and therefore experiencing high blood glucose levels is known to cause higher levels of free radicals, so switching to a diet lower in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and higher in fat helps reduce free radical production by up to 40%!

6 – The Warburg Affect – Cancer cells are fundamentally different to normal cells in terms of energy production and require energy to be produced outside of the cell in a process called lactic acid fermentation using glucose.

7 – You can stress cancer cells by removing their preferred fuel. In real terms that means reducing sugar, grains, processed and high carbohydrate foods. Ideally net carbs would not exceed 50g per day.

8 – Sugar fans the flames of inflammation and removing omega 6 fats and sugar helps the body to heal.

9 – Autophagy is the process of cellular cleaning that happens within the mitochondria and is impaired when the levels of both free radicals and inflammation are higher than ideal. This results in the mitochondria within the cells being unable to purge and then they emit pro-inflammatory molecules accelerating ageing.

In essence, fat is a much cleaner burning fuel than glucose and supports the mitochondria in doing their very important functions.

Have a great weekend.