The surprising fact is that every one of your organs has a muscle and/or joint it communicates to.

You see, they share the same nerves so if one gets stressed they can both be under stress. For example liver stress is commonly known to affect the right shoulder. A heart attack can be felt down into the left arm.

We seem to accept those things as fact yet when I see clients from time to time they have a hard time
“believing” that their aches and pains can be coming from organs not just physical dysfunction.

So, if I’ve not lost you yet and you’re keeping your mind open, would you believe me if I said each organ also has emotions that correlate to it? For example the kidneys are associated with fear.

This is how we can see emotions playing out on the physical body.

One of the greatest client case studies I have to date is of a lady who was in pain, overweight and pretty miserable. After our initial consultation I decided to work with her on what I call “core values”. I knew this was at the root of most, if not all her key issues, especially the weight.

Needless to say after a lot of soul searching and some big life decisions she lost 16kg, has no nerve pain and is much happier:-)

So what are these “core value” things?

The answer is – they are the nourishment that makes your life either work for you, or makes you feel frustrated, unhappy and experience poor health (if left for long enough). The best analogy I give is to think of them like roots on a tree that feed nutrition to leaves and branches much higher up.

If the roots were to cease providing nutrition the leaves and trunk would wither and eventually die.

Without being too dramatic, that can happen in our lives when we lose balance. It takes pain and ill health very often for us to stop and reassess what we want and where we spend our energy each day.

To keep this short and sweet, for now, I invite you to have a 5min think about how well you feel your life is balanced and then next week I’ll be back with some “core values” ideas to share with you to bring about harmony internally as well as externally.

Best wishes