Avoid This At All Costs…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating: eating when you’re not relaxed and in an appropriate place to eat (answering emails/on the phone/walking between appointments) will result in far reaching problems in the long-term.

Today I wanted to share what happens when the gut is stressed and how that knock-on effects other areas:

Ineffective environment for eating (leads to…)

Stress response in the gut (leads to…)

Decreased enzymes and blood flow (leads to…)

Sluggish gut (leads to…)

Toxin build up, altered bacteria, poor nutrient uptake and leaky gut syndrome (leads to…)

Food intolerances (leads to…)

Toxins enter the blood stream (leads to…)

Toxins irritating other tissues of the body, such as skin and joints (leads to…)

Overloaded kidney and liver (leads to…)

More stress (leads to…)

Vicious cycle!

If you want to avoid a complex pattern of health challenges, from joint aches and pains to digestive-related problems directly and even mental health issues, then make sure you create an environment that is going to support healthy digestion.

Sit with friends and eat quietly. Sit with your family at meal times and enjoy their company.

It’s “old fashioned” but guess what, it worked!