Foods To Support Your Gut Bacteria

I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics but you may be less familiar with the term “prebiotics” – as I type this the spell check is trying to tell me the word doesn’t exist!

Prebiotics are foods that support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and in a healthy diet should really be much more common than probiotics.

I think it’s commonly misunderstood that probiotics actually go into the gut and supply all the bacteria that is needed to stay healthy in that region of the body.

They are much more transient than that though and are really responsible for holding space so that the unhealthy bacteria can’t proliferate in the space that is at that time unoccupied by the healthy stuff.

It’s your prebiotic foods that should be supplying the building blocks to build and renew the healthy bacteria. This is one reason why a balanced diet is so important.

Below are lists of foods that supply extra fibre to your diet which act as the prebiotic.

Prebiotics to build lactobacillus:






Prebiotics to build bifidobacterium:



So in summary probiotics help is to rebuild and repopulate the gut in the short term. Prebiotics help us to build healthy bacteria and maintain that balance in the longer term.