How often should you do your programme?

Answer – Everyday!

If you get tight, stiff and your body aches it’s not because it’s overused, very often it’s underused.

We need to move our body everyday to maintain optimal function.

That doesn’t mean we have to push at 100% intensity and wear ourselves down, it means we need to move, stretch, mobilise and challenge the muscles.

We’ve all heard the mantra: you use it or you lose – well it’s true!

With our clients we teach a process of scanning the body daily using three tools:

  • Foam roller
  • Massage ball
  • Your own body

The whole process doesn’t need to take more than 15mins and this is your report card for what you need to focus on.

Also, moving through a full range of motion is imperative to maintain normal muscular and skeletal function.

If you feel restricted in an area you still have to move, so what happens is you end up moving through areas that shouldn’t do as much as they are doing, in compensation for the restrictions.

Learning where these restrictions are and getting them moving leads to less pain, increased function and a better feeling body.

You need to find a process that fits your time and energy commitment. I appreciate you may not have 2 hours everyday to be rolling round the floor stretching and exercising, that’s why finding out what specific bits you need to focus on is ideal.

We can help you with that, in our Movement & Lifestyle Movement and Orthopaedic Assessments.

When the time is right, get in touch and we can schedule an assessment for you.