I just read this “when you feed your soul, your tummy won’t need so much” – Paul Chek

I’ve not heard this before now but I really like it. It’s something I wholeheartedly believe but I’ve just never been able to put it quite as eloquently as this.

What does it symbolise to you?

If I think about what this means to me, I’d have to say: the more I fill myself up from within, the less I need to look outside of myself to find what I need.

Why this is important, I believe, is without this deep approach to optimal health and fitness we are likely to be pulled off track by what other people deem important, susceptible to fad exercise or dietary approaches and ultimately unable to reach our true potential health or fitness-wise. This is also why some who suffer with chronic pain cannot seem to find resolution to such challenges, stuck in limiting beliefs.

How do you “feed your soul” then?

I teach clients a process of identifying core values to provide deep roots in life, which is my version of “feeding the soul”. Someone with strong core values and adherence to these values is obvious to spot, they usually stand out for all the right reasons. They are confident, healthy looking, they look strong and energetic and others gravitate towards them.

They are usually the happiest people in the room. Not because they are all beaming smiles and laughing and joking but they have a deep knowing, a knowing of themselves. So these people can be introverts but they are still easy to spot.

Core values being like the roots in your life are important to get clarity on. When these roots are nourished they feed your “trunk” and this in turn feeds your “branches and leaves”.

A deep purpose and a drive towards something bigger than you, in this analogy, is like the sun. Every tree requires nourishment from the root space but also from the sunlight above.

The core values I teach people to begin identifying are:

  • Physical needs
  • Mental needs
  • Space needs
  • Rhythm needs
  • Time needs
  • Social needs
  • Cultural needs
  • Purpose
  • Living philosophy
  • Family need

As this newsletter/blog is not the best place to dig too much deeper on all these values for now, see if you can identify one thing in each area that you would regard as a non-negotiable, a NEED, not a would-like.

Are these needs being met in your current life(style)?

If the answer is no, put a plan in place to get these needs met as they will cause deep rooted challenges to your health and wellbeing and fitness (long term injuries), if they are not met.

I wish you a deeply rooted weekend 🙂

Best wishes