How To Repair Your Adrenal Glands (Part 2 of 3)

Last week we looked at blood sugar balance and cold water therapy as tools to help in an adrenal replenishment programme. If you missed that, check it out here.

This week we’re looking at Sleep and Core Values.

  • Sleep – This might seem like an obvious one for you but it is commonly overlooked I’ve found.

When you sleep is as important as how much. Your adrenal glands are in a relationship with the rise and fall of the sun. Around 6am the adrenal glands should be starting to produce more cortisol (as the sun rises) and at this point melatonin, your sleep hormone, should be starting to fall.

Your peak period of cortisol activity should be between 6am and 10am. If you’re feeling groggy and sleepy during this period, it suggests that you are indeed suffering with some level of adrenal fatigue and that you are not honouring your adrenal’s natural rhythms, that is the rhythms of the sun and moon.

Cortisol should be falling by 6pm and melatonin is starting to take over at this point, in preparation for a good night’s sleep. If you’re on the computer, mobile device or working late you retard these hormonal secretions and this will make you feel drowsy the next morning.

So making sure that you are winding down early enough and getting to sleep by 10:30pm is optimal for your hormonal system.

You are also falling into the physical repair phase of rest at this time which finishes at 2am in the morning. If you get in bed at midnight and sleep until 8am you are not getting the same rest and repair. You in fact miss the first two hours of physical repair and this, compounded over years, will lead to a lot of adrenal stress and your body starting to breakdown.

Sleep between 10pm and 6am is optimal. If you can, adjust your schedule to make sure this happens more often than not.

Also if you are having osteopathic/chiropractic adjustments and you need to keep having them periodically, especially if the same areas keep needing help, you are likely to be suffering from adrenal fatigue which can be helped by your sleeping patterns.

If you’re unable to hold an osteopathic adjustment like this, the adrenal system is sub-optimal. Adrenal stress is linked to joint instability, especially in and around the lower back, and scare-iliac joints (SIJ).

(If you want to know how to stabilise the SIJ watch this video:

  • Core values – What led to your adrenal glands being burnt out in the first place? It takes some doing and doesn’t just happen because you’ve spent a few too many Saturday nights out.

It can actually be quite a complex picture when you look at what and why you are burnt out/adrenally fatigued. Yet when you look purely at the solutions instead, it can feel less daunting.

One of the cornerstones of this health-promoting perspective are core values.

I would suggest that your core values are out of alignment with your behaviours and actions if you’re burnt out. You are therefore living in conflict, a rather tiring and stressful place to be.

Your core values are your own operating principles. They guide what you are willing to say no to and what you are willing to say yes to.

I have met a handful of people over the years that seemed to be completely dialled in to what worked and what didn’t work for them from a values perspective.

Get clear and then make changes, it will destress your life no end.

To get clear on some basic core values have a good think about what you NEED in each of the following areas:

Physical needs

Mental needs

Time needs

Social needs

Your purpose

Using a mind map or even just writing out short sentences of what these things mean to you is great way to get clarity. The benefit of the mind map is that it uses both left and right brain hemispheres which gives you a complete experience.