How To Repair Your Adrenal Glands (Part 3 of 3)

Finally in this three part series we’ll look at movement, detoxification and supplementation. If you missed parts one and two you can find them here:

Part one –

Part two –

  • Movement – As I mentioned previously your muscles and skeleton are intrinsically linked to your adrenal health and therefore movement is an important medicine to help rectify an imbalance.

You need to choose the correct type and intensity of exercises, however, or you’ll just make things worse.

There’s a reason we call normal exercise “working out”. That is, because we’re working energy out of the body. Now if you don’t have this energy to “spend” in the first place this will lead to you to being energetically bankrupt before long.

So what type of exercise is useful then?

Aerobic exercise is critical because it helps to condition the mitochondria (energy production parts of all cells) without draining you. So aerobic exercise can be performed using any of your favourite activities such as cycling, jogging, swimming or even fast walking.

The caveat is that your heart rate doesn’t get too high. Using the following formula you’ll be able to stick to purely aerobic exercise.


EXAMPLE: 180 – 36 = 144BPM

Anything greater than this level would be conditioning something called, the black hole. It’s a term set by endurance event coach, Phil Maffetone. It’s too hard to be easy and too easy to be hard. It just wears you down basically. Not good for adrenal fatigue, especially after a long day at work.

But what do people do? They work hard all day and then think just getting a good sweat on at the gym after work is good exercise. Not true!

Secondly, supplementing aerobic exercise with breathing exercise is ideal.

You can use any traditional exercise and combine breathing with it.

As you move towards the foetal position you should breathe out and as you move out of the foetal position breathe in. For an example of what this might look like see this video:

  • Toxins – Simply put, toxins cause your body stress, and if they get to hard to handle and your body is already tired, it will simply store excess toxins in the body fat.

Ironically you need to be healthy to detoxify! Yep that flies in the face of conventional thinking but you need to support your body when detoxifying otherwise it’s yet more stress and more for the adrenals to have to cope with.

For example, if you’re not absorbing B vitamins correctly (many are not) then you can’t run the first phase of liver detoxification, and being low in amino acids (proteins) means you’ll not be able to run the second phase of detoxification effectively leading to a toxic liver and more stress on the body.

Incorporating everything you’ve read so far in this series is important before attempting to do a detox.

The easiest and most practical thing to do at this stage is support your natural detox pathways by doing three things:

1) Removing the most obvious toxins such as alcohol, coffee and white processed sugar, diary and white flour products.

2) Increasing your water intake to support the kidneys and liver.

3) Give the liver extra support by having more cruciferous vegetables – think cauliflower, courgette, kale, chard, broccoli and eat as much as you can within your metabolic type.

  • Supplementation – Supporting your body when you’re tired and not operating at 100% can be a sensible thing to do.

I would say the following supplements might benefit you if you’re fatigued:

Royal Power – This is a supplement from North American Herb and Spice, a company that produce the highest quality products. This one particularly is great for the adrenals as it contains natural steroids from royal jelly, a nutritious liquid secreted by nurse bees. The queen bee lives exclusively on this and it accounts for her size and longevity. A fantastic supplement to give back some TLC to your adrenals.

Multi Vitamin – A good multi vitamin will support all the pathways of detoxification and energy production. Vitamin C for example is very important for adrenal health and vitamin B12 imperative for normal energy production.

Ashwaghanda – This is an adaptogenic herb meaning it can balance out excess or deficiency within your body. It adapts. This is a brilliant herbal supplement if you are going through a busy period and need to help to reduce stress and anxiety. Taking this at night could help you get better quality sleep.

Clary Sage Oil – I use this in a bath. A few drops when having an epsom salt bath and you get out feeling refreshed and relaxed. Given that adrenal fatigue is a hormonal imbalance this a particularly good one. It helps to balance out the hormonal system so 4-8 drops in a bath, diffuser or in a little carrier oil and applied directly to the body will help.