Is It Better To Eat Raw or Cooked Veg?

Good question and one which I was recently asked.

“Is it better to eat raw or cooked veg?”

At first glance you’d have to say raw vegetables are better.


Because they haven’t been cooked the enzymes remain intact as they should be.

Heating them to high temperatures, in some vegetables, can de-nature enzymes. However cooking can actually making some vegetables more digestible, for example, starches such as potatoes.

Also if you are suffering with any kind of digestive disorder, or are going through a particularly high level of stress period, it can be hard for your body to break down raw vegetables optimally, so cooking in this case would aid the digestive process.

How much should you have?

As I’ve spoken about many times that all depends on your metabolic needs.

If you are more of a carbohydrate type you’ll be eating more vegetables than a protein type would anyway, so you’ll have a vastly different requirement for how much is needed raw.

As I’m quite passionate about giving bespoke advice rather than “cookie cutter” solutions I suggest getting clear on your metabolic needs by keeping a diary and then trying to eat 25% of your overall non-starchy vegetable intake raw.