Do you have bags under your eyes and wonder why?

Do you wake up tired, even after eight hours of sleep?

Are you carrying excess body fat?

Perhaps then, you are experiencing the symptoms of control fatigue.

As it sounds, control fatigue is the exhaustion that is brought about when we are trying to “over manage” life.

When we have to have everything lined up, otherwise there is a problem and you can’t rest.

Perhaps you commonly say something like, “when this project is complete/this deal comes together/little Jonnie starts school, then things will settle down and I can rest and get into a rhythm.”

The thing is though, these things will keep coming up and you will never be able to get on top of everything.

So what is the answer to this?

Just let go! Yes I know, it’s not that easy is it.

The reason why we try to over control life in the first place is because there is, perhaps, an underlying fear at work, an anxiety that drives this need to control.

So letting go allows the energy of life to flow, instead of it getting stifled, usually inside your body as back pain, knee pain, migraines, waking up tired, low labido…

Here is a little exercise you can practice when you next experience this control fatigue.

Stop for a moment. Take a breath in and actually feel that breath as it comes into your body. Breathe out again and feel the air as it leaves your body.

For that brief moment you let go. You were also able to calm your racing mind, the anxiety and the fear of getting everything done.

From this briefest of moments your can experience more, by breathing this way again.

Over time, you can turn this practice into a living practice and slow the racing mind and desire for control.

If you are waking up tired you are running on adrenal, most likely, for too long each day.

Let go and practice one simple breath each day until the willingness to take two breaths like this arises.

You’ll feel refreshed, even if just for a moment. It feels good.

So let go of control, and welcome peace of mind with your breath.