Meditation Doesn’t Work!

“Meditation doesn’t work for me” is what someone said to me recently.

I had to disagree with this and explain why I thought so.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or low and you think now is a good time to turn to meditation because everyone is always going on about how positive it is, it probably won’t work for you.

Meditation and mindfulness practice is a bit like being a gardener. You need to plant a seed, water it and tend it for days and weeks before you can harvest its fruit.

If you planted the seed of a raspberry bush and watch it for a few minutes in the expectation of fresh, ripe berries for dessert you will always be disappointed.

The strength of your mindfulness practice builds over time and the more you water that seed, the stronger it will grow, and only then can you benefit from its harvest.

It’s most likely that when you start, your mind is so full of thoughts that you get distracted easily and you spend most of your meditation time running over the things left to do on your “to do” list, which sort of defeats the object.

So start now with me and take one deep in breath (pause and breath in) and one deep out breath (pause and breathe out) and make it a practice you integrate so you can benefit when you really do NEED meditation/mindfulness.

Most importantly start small and be consistent.