Quantum Leaps and Little Wins ​

Over the last few weeks as the year starts to draw to a close I’ve had lots of conversations about 2019 and what that holds in store.

A theme that has been quite common is overreaching.

When we see others have achieved something and it motivates us to set about our own goals, we can be blind to the fact that this person’s success is built on lots of little wins.

We see the quantum leap.

Unless we live with the person who has inspired us, we miss all the little hurdles that have had to be surmounted along the way.

This isn’t to say that some people don’t have quantum leaps with health, performance, work success or any other area you care to think about, it’s just that these are MUCH more rare.

I’d say if we set out looking for a quantum leap we might end up quite disappointed. If it comes along, wonderful, but expecting it might be setting you up for failure.

Whatever you hope 2019 is going to bring, remember that you can have lots of success, both big and small, if you build both on little wins.

If you feel like you’re pushing an elephant uphill all by yourself, you’re probably looking for that huge jump forwards and you’ve not put in the groundwork first.

Take a step back, break it down and take one step at a time, don’t stop altogether.

I wish you all the very best for 2019.