Quick Wins

I thought we’d keep it nice and simple this week.

Three quick things you can add to your lifestyle that will improve your health and wellbeing:

  • Cod Liver Oil – start taking a high dose cod liver oil supplement to boost your anti-inflammatory, omega 3 fatty acid intake. There is so much evidence to show that the standard diet today is way to high in omega 6 fatty acids (from carbohydrates basically) and the balance between omega 3:omega 6 is somewhere close to 1:24 instead of 1:1 ideally. The one I like and take daily – https://amzn.to/2Ivz1IV
  • Floss Daily – flossing your teeth is important not just for your dental health, which is obviously important, but also for your digestive health. Plaque is bacteria and if you have a mouth full of unhealthy bacteria it will contribute to an imbalance in gut bacteria when left. Simply flossing each evening for two minutes is a nice simple thing to do to look after your teeth AND gut.
  • Practice mindfulness – pick something that you do every single day without fail and begin using this time to focus on your breath. For example, while having your morning cup of tea/coffee instead of scrolling through your phone or whatever your current routine is, sit quietly and just breathe. See how calm you feel after only 3-5 mins.