When I wrote my book, Back To Brilliant, in 2016 it enabled me to gather my thoughts and experiences from all the clients that I had worked with over the prior 11 years.

I was able to draw on all the assessment and reassessment plus feedback from clients.  I also drew on the challenges that I had seen clients struggle with when it came to long term aches and pains, lethargy and fitness challenges.

Since writing it though it became clear I needed a better way of identifying which areas clients needed more help with in the short term.

This is where the 5R Vitality Quiz comes in.

If you have already read the book you’ll know what the 5R’s are.  If not they are:

Reconnect – Developing a deeper relationship with yourself through a heart centred approach to goal setting

Rebalance -Identiying how diet and lifestyle factors can bring about better balance in your physiology

Realign – Better posture and core function habits

Rebuild – Building strength the right way

Recover – Once you have a balanced, beautiful body, how to maintain it

In 30 short questions you can get a lot more from the book and identify if its worth digging back into certain chapters to upgrade your diet, lifestyle or movement habits.

If you’d like to take the questionnaire you can find it here: https://movementlifestyle.typeform.com/to/MI35RN

It only takes five minutes to complete and offers insight into the overall stress on your body at this time.

It’s useful to test and retest to see how changes you make improve your score.

I hope you find it useful.

Best wishes