As I say all the time, optimal health and physical performance come from a state of optimal balance.  That balance point is different for each individual.


Now, for me, I’m someone who gets overwhelmed with things quite easily (possibly why I like quite an introverted, simple life)  But when I do get overwhelmed, or notice that there are too many things running around my mind, I turn to a brilliant question that I came across in the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller.


The simple process of asking myself “what ONE thing can I do right now that will make everything else either easier or unnecessary?”  makes a HUGE difference.  It focuses the mind and shuts out all other distractions.


It also helps levels of anxiety, which overwhelm can bring on.  It clears the mind in a very affective way to focus and get one thing done, knowing that it makes everything else, easier or totally unnecessary.


I have found it to be so powerful that I have started using it in my coaching sessions with clients in the past year.  I will ask something along the lines of “what ONE thing can you change/tweak/upgrade this week that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?”


So this week that’s my question to you:


What ONE thing can you change/tweak/upgrade in the next seven days that will make everything else easier or unnecessary in respects of your health and wellbeing?


Some simple examples:


  • Get to bed 30mins earlier
  • Eliminate processed sugar
  • Drink an extra glass of water each day
  • Ask yourself the focusing question (above) each morning
  • Do your stretch routine daily
  • Meditate each morning
  • Reduce your starchy carbohydrate by one serving each day


I hope that helps you relax a little, but also helps move you towards better health with ease this week:-)


Best wishes