The Power of Whole Foods

Today there seems to be more confusion about food than ever before, certainly from what I see.

There are agendas and people with vested interests that are espousing the virtues of all sorts of controversial and divisive methods of eating. Even people in the industry of nutrition coaching or health and wellness are getting confused.

Whenever I hear a disagreement between colleagues, or even find myself trying to “defend” my own thoughts and beliefs, I find myself reverting back to the good old basics of nutrition: eat whole food!

I would be willing to bet that you can’t go that far wrong, if all you ate was whole food.

What do I mean by this?

All the arguments and disagreements people seem to be getting into about whether we should be eating meat or vegetables, or the outstanding benefits of either, are, to be honest, ridiculous.

If you put aside all the silliness and decided you were going to eat what your body tells you it needs, with the caveat that you would only eat whole fresh food, then we as a species would be substantially healthier.

Things in packets with marketing slogans are not whole foods.

If it is advertised in a health magazine it’s probably not a whole food either!

In my opinion the above is people trying to sell you things you just don’t need in the guise of health.

If you could cut out all these things and just stick to meat, fish, fowl, eggs, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables, I can guarantee your inflammatory conditions would subside. You’d sleep better, your skin would clear up, your digestion would improve and body would start to look better.

The proportions of all these things is dependant on your biological requirements but these food groups can make up all that you need.

What would I eat less of?

Anything canned (drinks and food)

Anything in a packet/box (cereals/crisps/cakes/health food bars especially / pasta)

What would this do?

It would reduce the amount of preservatives you eat.

It would increase the amount of vitamins, minerals and co-factors that you consume.

It would increase your appreciation of naturally sweet foods and flavours in general.

It would, if you listened to your body and ate what you NEEDED, improve your blood sugar management. A huge factor!


This coming week make a mental note of everything you eat from a packet, box or can.

Also notice how much fresh food you are eating and see what the ratio is.

I can guarantee you could improve, because I have been trying to myself over the last few weeks and it takes a bit of thinking about to begin with, to get out of bad habits.