This time of year is synonymous with reflection.

It’s a great time of year to do a personal inventory of what in your life is working and therefore contributing to what you dowant.

But it’s also a good point to see what needs an upgrade, perhaps if it’s taking youaway from what you want.

I use this in lots of different settings and the process of Celebrate & Innovateis enlightening.

Let’s get practical – on a piece of paper or in the notes section of your phone/computer make a heading “Celebrate”.

Under “Celebrate” write everything you can think of that you want to celebrate from the last 12 months.

Your list can be a combination of work and personal, big and small. In fact make sure you highlight the really small achievements as they are often easily overlooked and taken for granted.

Simply reviewing this list will give you a hit of dopamine and give you the motivation to either carry on with these “wins” or set targets to go one better.

Also if you are struggling with motivation in the weeks and months to come, with your new goals, review this list to get energised again.

Now make a second heading “Innovate”.

Under “Innovate” write as much as you can that you think/feel needs an upgrade.

What is holding you back? What did you say you were going to do and didn’t? Where are your roadblocks with health? Where are your roadblocks professionally?

Review this second list and pick one item that is most in need of upgrading for 2019 and make a plan to do so.

Write down everything you can think of that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Prioritise this list of “to do’s”.

Now make a start on this list, or at least make a note of when in the new year you will make a start!

Nothing too time consuming or complicated about this process but it can lead to some great results.

I hope you give it a go.