If there’s one problem I see more than any other when it comes to encouraging people to make health and lifestyle changes, it’s time.  Lack of it that is.  
I get it though, we’re all short of time, at least that’s what we tell ourselves.  But when someone realises the benefit of change it’s almost as though their whole diary opens up, they re-prioritise things and all of a sudden results take shape.
So what’s the best way to create change?
It’s to experience the benefits of the change.  If you get a hormonal shift (a hit of dopamine) you’ll highly likely carry on making that new decision until, it’s just part of your lifestyle.
But wait, you’re short of time so how is this going to work?
That’s where NET time comes in, No Extra Time.  If you can build lifestyle changes into your existing routine there is much less resistance to change.
For example, walking is a simple exercise, great for the nervous system, wonderful for resetting the musculo-skeletal system after having sat down all day and great for the hormonal system.  
So an example of using NET would be to get off the tube one stop earlier and walk the remainder of the way to work/home.  You are already making this journey so there is much less resistance to making the change.
However that’s not where it ends, in fact that’s only the beginning.  
In the walking example you’ll feel so much better, hormonally you’ll have created a positive internal driver so it may well expand into other pursuits, or at the very least it’s maintained.
You can do the same with mindfulness, hydration and especially with nutritional changes.  
What lifestyle changes can you build in right away?
• 10 deep diaphragmatic breaths per day while sat at your desk – really feel the deep breath with the belly expanding and the chest staying down, not breathing up into the neck
• One more cup of water per day instead of filling up with tea of coffee
• Adding celtic sea salt to your water when you’re topping it up – Increases electrolyte balance in the body
• Meditation/mindfulness while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning – this is the easiest thing of all
There are plenty more.   See if you can come up with some that are relevant to your routine/current lifestyle and action one.
Wishing you a great weekend.