In the short term taking a supplement can help give the body a push in the right direction when there is an imbalance.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What can I take to stop me from feeling tired all the time?”

The quick answer is vitamin b12!

B12 is important in the production of energy and is derived from such foods as:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Eggs

However I’m really not a fan of simply making such recommendations and leaving it at that. In fact my whole ethos is to look at what is causing you not to absorb b12 effectively in the first place.

Below are a few points to consider:

  • Are you chewing your foods and breaking them down properly so the body can then do it’s work of digesting and assimilating the nutrients affectively?

Remember this Taoist proverb: Drink your food and chew your water. Your food should be liquified prior to swallowing it for the digestive system to work most affectively.

  • Is your stomach as acidic as it should be to break protein down fully?

A pH that is too high will result in poor nutrient uptake. If you notice that there are partially digested food particles in your stool, consider the fact that you are low in stomach acid.

If this is the case I would highly recommend seeing a professional.

In the short term you could try taking apple cider vinegar prior to your meals or even the herbs Swedish Bitters, which help to stimulate the production of normal digestive action.

  • Are you currently under stress?

If you are under stress or have been under a period of stress in the last few months, consider that the body won’t be taking up the nutrients as efficiently as it could be.

In such a case it’s a good option to consider the short term use of a digestive enzyme to help assist the body in the digestive process.

  • Organic foods contain many more nutrients.

Consider that in non-organic spinach magnesium levels are only 16% of those found in organic spinach.

Astonishingly non-organic tomatoes contain only 0.05% of the iron that organic tomatoes do!

Low iron is important in looking at low energy levels interestingly.

So, before considering looking at taking a vitamin b12 supplement, perhaps look at some of the reasons you may need it in the first place.