I have a very simple answer to the question, “which fitness programme is right for me?”

The one that balances your body best!

How do you know what balances your body? An assessment, a thorough assessment.

Over the years I’ve spoken to people that have tried everything going and they have often said, nothing really seems to work for me.

It can be fantastic to be assessed by a professional, which is what we do day in day out in our practice. But I firmly believe that if we teach our clients the tools to self assess and manage the ever changing landscape of the physical, emotional and hormonal body then they can ebb and flow with these changes and develop a deeper understanding of their body, over time.

A fixed plan doesn’t produce results in my experience.

It would be easier if it did!

A programme that gets one person fit will make the next person worse.

Why? Because each of us has our individual needs in respects of biomechanics, hormones and emotional balance. Our fitness programme needs to take all of these into account before we begin.

Working with two people recently who are training for a marathon has been a perfect example of this.

After assessing both of these people, one began by developing their aerobic capacity and cycling speed training with their corrective stretches and exercises, but the other, also completing the same event on the same day, was given tai chi and breathing exercises.

I know that may sound strange, but that is what these people needed to work best for their body.

If I’d have followed a “marathon training plan’ with these people I’m sure one would have done ok, but one of them would have had quite a poor result.

Learning to tune into what you need is the most important and empowering step towards optimal health and fitness that you can take.

I love to hear what you have to say on this, leave a comment below to let me know.