Who’s Strongest? You vs Germs

There is a theory that became scientifically validated in the 1800’s that says germs/micro bacteria are the cause of many illnesses and those disease-causing bacteria should be irradiated in the unwell person.

Louis Pasteur was able to validate this theory by building on work done by others before him in the 1860’s. Even until this day biomedicine and healthcare in general work on this Germ Theory.

However before he died he had realised that this was not the whole picture and found that whilst Pastuerisation to kill bad bacteria did just that, there was a problem. It also killed the friendly bacteria present.

Antibacterial hand sanitisers, surface sprays and antibiotics, to name a few, are all based in this theory.

There is, however, another theory: the Host Theory. This theory suggests that the problem-causing bacteria that enters our body needs to do so in a good host, in order for the problems to manifest themselves.

You see, the thing is, we’re constantly swallowing, breathing and coming into contact with bacteria and germs that are perhaps not ideal for us. If you’re healthy and your immune system is working properly though, you will get rid of these things and go about your business completely normally.

It’s only when you become a good host that problems occur.

So what does a bad host look like?

It’s really simple, a bad host for problem-causing germs is someone who’s healthy. The more resilient you are, the harder time the germs will find it to take over within.

It’s sometimes easier to put numbers on these things so the following scale is what I use to assess where you’re at when I first meet someone and what needs to be done to bring about balance.

Wellbeing Platform:

(All scores are out of 10)

9-10 – Optimal Wellbeing. Also known as homeostasis, a balanced body.

8 – Lowered Energy – Starting to show slight deviation from homeostasis.

7 – Physiological Change – From this point your body is starting to show you more significant signs that you are out of balance (cracked lips, white tongue, dark circles under your eyes, constipation etc)

6 – Infections – At this stage you start to pick up bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections as you are the perfect host for such things. Your immune system is struggling and so these visitors can proliferate.

5 – Increased Signs & Symptoms – The changes you started to notice at stage 7 become even more apparent. ACT NOW!

4 – Chronic Health Challenges – Digestive, immune, energy, chronic pain – the list goes on…

3 – Morphological Change – This is where there are cellular changes. I’ve said it many times but problems mentioned above that are left for 15+ years will develop into patho-morpholigcal changes and it’s here that you have real issues. The body has now negatively adapted to the signs and symptoms it was giving you notice of a long time before.

2 – Disease! – This is where we see the common diseases and is a final warning, if you like.

1 – Bed Ridden

In essence it doesn’t matter where you think you might be on the above scale right now, as long as you are putting a plan in place to move northward!

If you are moving down the scale then make a plan to readdress your life and lifestyle asap.

If it isn’t clear even now, it’s your lifestyle that makes you the ideal host for parasites, bacteria and fungi. So making changes now is important.